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At the Pest Maven we take extreme care when dealing with a wasp removal. Because of the aggressive nature of species such as yellow jackets and hornet’s great care should be taken during the removal.

Wasps are extremely territorial can lead to attacks on people even when the nest is not disturbed but nearly approached as kids like to do. It is also important to treat and remove wasps nests as soon as they are discovered in human-inhabited areas because, not only are their stings are quite painful but also can produce a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction in some individuals.

If you do find a nest on your property that is causing problems it is important that you not approach the nest and give us a call. Using specialized equipment you can be assured a safe wasp removal.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps are different from bees in a number of ways. Wasps have very little hair, will have a narrow waist and also the extreme territorial aggression. The types of wasps that live in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminister, Bowen Island, Squamish, and Whistler are as follows.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are some of the most aggressive stinging pests in the Vancouver area. Yellow Jackets cause a large number of trips to hospitals each summer due to the proteins in their venom. Depending on the type of Yellow Jackets they are either predators-eating spiders and other insects, or scavengers eating dead animals or garbage.

In nature they are a very important part of the ecosystem balance and the problems start when their nests are located near or in our home. The largest problem is the fact that they are so extremely defensive of their territory, attack in numbers and can sting repeatedly. When it comes to yellow jackets they immediately think they own whatever food they find or land on, even if it is your patio dinner!

Paper Wasps


Paper Wasps are often small black-and-yellow but unusually aggressive. Paper wasps are not intimidated about landing directly on the food we are preparing, serving or even eating. Many people get stung while eating outdoors each year on patio’s all over the lower mainland.


The larger concern with a presence of their nests is the large colony number. If disturbed the colony will attack in mass and is capable of killing a small animal such as a dog or cat or even child. Each nest can be housing up to 5,000 workers they can inflict an enormous amount of pain and venom. This is group species that nest in the ground, inside hollow logs, stumps & landscape timber, paper nests hanging from trees or under roof eaves or within house wall voids or within attics. When their nest is unprotected outdoors they build a paper envelope around it with an entrance near the bottom.

Treatment & Removal

No matter what wasp problem you may have the Pest Maven will be onsite right away with a team of specialists using a safe, effective manner to remove the nest and colony.

North Vancouver Pest Control Wasp Removal

The Pest Maven services homeowners and Businesses in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminister, Bowen Island, Squamish, and Whistler.