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You know all too well that unmistakable odor that comes with these black and white furry critters. That panic when your beloved pet has just been sprayed and is running right at you. You can’t blame them for helping themselves to food so easily accessible in our household garbage, compost, Pet Food and outdoor sheds.

Skunk Characteristics


In Western Canada we have 2 of the 4 species of skunk which are the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. The most common of the two, the striped skunk, is about the size of a cat with white stripes down its back and ending on its head. The spotted skunk is about half the size of the striped skunk with white spots instead of stripes.

Skunks like to make their dens under porches, decks, and outdoor sheds. They are night time feeders on such things as plants, insects, small mammals, wasp’s nests and of course human garbage. They do not hibernate over winter so this is a pest who will be with you in the long term until something is corrected.

Skunks are rarely aggressive and only will attack or spray when cornered or defending their young. Skunks have learned to thrive in urban habitats and have become excellent city dwellers. This brings skunks into conflict with homeowners as they seek out food and shelter.

Signs of a Skunk

Here are some signs that might suggest you could have a skunk problem.

· Burrows or holes in the ground near corners of buildings or decks.
· Knocked over garbage cans.
· A musky odor around the outside of your home.
· Dropping around entry points ½ inch in diameter, 2 to 4 inches long.

Help I have been sprayed!

Here is a home remedy if you or your pet is sprayed. The quicker you treat the spray the more completely you can remove the odor. First, if in your eyes, flush them for a few minutes with cold water. Next Mix the below together in an open large container.

1000ml of fresh, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution
¼ cup of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
1 teaspoon of a liquid soap

Use the entire mixture while it is still bubbling. Wearing rubber gloves, apply the solution, work it into lather, and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Dependable Humane Skunk Relocation Services

Our trained relocation control specialists have the tools and skills to safely remove your skunk problems and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your property. We understand that a skunk living in your home is no laughing matter, so when you call on us, you can rest assured that we’ll respond quickly. We offer quality humane skunk removal & relocation services at reasonable rates; and we strive to exceed expectations on every job we undertake.

If Skunks have become a problem for your home or business, reach out to the experts at The Pest Maven right away. Call now to schedule your service.

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