North Vancouver Pest Control Services – Entry Exclusion

When a local pest has decided that your home or business is a suitable shelter it is often that damage will result during the duration of these animals occupation. It is important to take quick action in exposing how the animal got into your house, then eliminating it entry so that you will not be stuck with a repeat offender.


Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Crows and Starlings can all be a nuisance around your home.
With Pigeons and Crows they will be on the lookout for food sources such as household garbage and also build nesting sites in and around buildings. A problem associated with birds is the build-up of feces on buildings and other structures around your home. Not only is this visually unappealing but bird droppings are also acidic and can erode metal and stonework.
Also very important is some bird droppings such as pigeon’s can be carrying a range of diseases such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.



Rodents & Squirrels

Once inside your house a squirrel or rodents will seek out food and contaminate human or domestic animal food with their droppings. Rodents if living in a walls, crawl space or attic will destroy insulation, and create noise disturbances. They may also chew on electrical wiring causing a fire hazard in your home.

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Raccoons & Skunks

When a Raccoon or skunk has found a suitable den site in or under a building. It can turn your home upside down and if you have house pets this will be a trying time. Evicting a Raccoon or skunk especially during when nesting or trying to escape the cold weather.

The following should be done to prevent problems with most common pests.
– Prevent Access to Food and water near your home
– Keep household garbage locked up
– Prevent access to fruit and compost
– Keep access to bird feeders out of reach
– Remove access to shelter

The hardest part of pest control is permanently solving the problem so it does not reoccur. A rat or squirrel needs the size of a loonie to gain entry into a home, while a mouse needs the diameter of a dime. Finding all these access points can be difficult, and maybe this is where the self-helpers may want to call a professional. The most common entry points are foundations, garage doors, pipes, attic vents, soffits, roofs and dormers. Clues to entry points are gnawing around an opening to facilitate quicker entry as well as black oily smudges around holes. In case of a Rat’s the fur is quite oily and they will often leave greasy marks around the entry points if the points are relatively tight. Further, rats are phenomenal burrowers and often burrow into dirt crawlspaces. I have seen rats burrow 20 feet from someone front lawn into a small 2 inch gap in the concrete floor of a crawlspace. Tile roofs also tend to be problematic because their designs often have many over-lapping gaps which facilitate easy entry into attics. With large costs involved with exclusion in dirt crawlspaces and tile roofs an outside maintenance program is often desirable.

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