North Vancouver Pest Control Services – Bird Control

At the Pest Maven we take Bird control problems serious. There are many species of birds that can be considered nuisance birds such as Crows, Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows and Woodpeckers.

Major Risks & Dangers

Structure & surface damages

North Vancouver Pest Control Services - Bird Control



Birds have destructive nesting habits and the corrosive droppings near nesting sites can cause extensive surface damage and staining to your home or business.

Fires Hazards


Bird nests are made of materials that are highly flammable such as coarse dried sticks and other vegetation, feathers, string and paper. when bird builds its nest in close proximity to electrical boxes/wires, there is a very high risk of fire!

Health risks

Birds also carry allergens, parasites and bacteria that are all health risks to humans. The droppings contain infectious diseases and air circulation systems can quickly spread contaminants throughout your home or business. Birds also carry parasites such as fleas and ticks.





To reduce the risk of birds resting, scavenging or nesting around your home or business property bird proofing/exclusion is the best prevention.

The dangers that are inherent with bird feces alone is a good enough reason to never attempt to deal with a bird infestation of any kind yourself. If a colony of birds is nesting on your residential or business property it is best to let the professionals do the job of safely and humanely removing the birds.

The Pest Maven will provide you with the very best in bird control services and solutions. We also decontaminate the areas affected and provide exclusion/proofing services to prevent further infestations.

Please contact us today for further information on the types of services and solutions we can provide.